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Investment in Gwadar Property from Ka...

Investment in Gwadar Property from Karachi

As everyone knows that the real estate market of Gwadar is at boom these days and also people from allover Pakistan and international market are making investment in the property. In the recent update, I would like to share the information about the investors from Karachi are moving towards the Gwadar property. The property including […]

The Completion of Gwadar Port, Real E...

The Completion of Gwadar Port, Real Estate Demand Increases

According to the news sources , it has been mentioned that the Gwadar port is almost complete and will become operational within few months.  It has also been mentioned that the international airport based in Gwadar will complete within upcoming one or two months. The above news clearly mentioned the process of construction is at […]

Why Gwadar is better option for inves...

Why Gwadar is better option for investment in Real Estate?

Gwadar is a city which is situated in Baluchistan and has the Asia’s biggest strategic sea port which is only 120 Km away from the Iran border and has the oversea possession over Oman and Muscat. The Government of Pakistan and the China is making investment in the major projects which includes economic corridor that […]

DHA Vs Sangar Housing Scheme

DHA Vs Sangar Housing Scheme

Today, if take a look at the housing projects in Pakistan, we can say that DHA is the most luxuries society in allover Pakistan as it has more luxuries as compare to the other societies. But if you talk about the future there will be one more housing project will become more luxurious as compare […]

The Rise in demand of Property in San...

The Rise in demand of Property in Sangar Housing Scheme

In the present month of April 2016, we have noticed the increase in demand of the property which is based in Sanghar Housing Scheme which is the sea facing residential and commercial area of Gwadar. The best part is that the investors from the international market are willing to invest in properties and shows their […]

Gwadar real estate values increases a...

Gwadar real estate values increases after Iran-Pak contract

Recently, the contract is signed between the Iran and Pakistan is to link Chabahar with Gwadar and allover Pakistan which can cause the business investment and also betters the economy of the whole country so there are many chances for business not only from Gwadar but also from the port of Chabahar. After hearing this […]

House Prices in Pakistan to Income Ra...

House Prices in Pakistan to Income Ratio 2016

After 68 years of establishment Pakistan is still a developing country and striving towards development. People are moving from rural to urban areas in order to search new jobs and achieve better education, medical and infrastructure facilities. This shows that in the coming there will be an equal ratio of population among rural and urban […]

Choosing a Real Estate Agent – What t...

Choosing a Real Estate Agent – What to Consider?

Real estate agents have their own worth in real estate world. One cannot carry out their transaction of selling or buying without their help because they keep much knowledge and know-how of the related field. Not hiring any real estate agent may seem attractive as it saves commission money but it may put you through […]

Risks and Returns of Pakistan Real Es...

real estate today

  Real estate sector of Pakistan is the only sector which is very less affected by the major issue that happened in Pakistan. These issues include political instability, high inflation, economic crisis and security threats. Real estate investment seems to be unaffected because Pakistan is still a developing country and real estate sector is in […]

Investment in Gwadar Real Estate Mark...


In the future of Pakistan the city of Gwadar will becomes the city of priority for running the economy of the country as the infrastructure planned for the city is more powerful as compare to any other city of Pakistan. Infect the city has world largest seaport. Gwadar also plays very important role these days […]

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