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Gwadar real estate values increases after Iran-Pak contract


The view of Gwadar beach

Recently, the contract is signed between the Iran and Pakistan is to link Chabahar with Gwadar and allover Pakistan which can cause the business investment and also betters the economy of the whole country so there are many chances for business not only from Gwadar but also from the port of Chabahar.

After hearing this news there is a very big fluctuation in real estate market of Gwadar as people are interested to make investment for the future because the value of the property goes rise with the value of establishment in the city. It is also assume that the city becomes the number one platform of business in Central Asia. From our recent research we have noticed that the demand of property is increase not from the country of Pakistan but also from all over the world. Especially from U.A.E, USA and Canada as their businessmen are planning to make investments for the future after the completion of the project.

The prices of the industrial land and agriculture are at peak and there is also a big change in the prices of the lands which are for residential purpose. In the city there are also many new projects are at the point to be started which doubled the establishment of the city and makes it populated.

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