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Risks and Returns of Pakistan Real Estate Investment


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Real estate sector of Pakistan is the only sector which is very less affected by the major issue that happened in Pakistan. These issues include political instability, high inflation, economic crisis and security threats. Real estate investment seems to be unaffected because Pakistan is still a developing country and real estate sector is in emerging state. The total GDP doesn’t depend on real estate sector but soon it will be a major source of income and foreign investment. But, being a developed sector real estate investment will also show complexity. Below are some of the risks and returns of real estate investment which are on based on calculable factors:

  • Security Factor:

Security reasons in Pakistan are directly related to GDP of the country. Gang wars, communal riots and other security threats are refraining foreign investors to invest in real estate properties and thus making real estate position significantly complex like other sectors.

  • Economic Factor:

There are some indicators that measure the overall health of the country’s economy. These indicators are GDP, employment level, rise of inflation, productivity level etc. These factors indicate that the economic condition of Pakistan is poor and very sluggish. It is expected that poor economic condition will very soon have bad effects on the real estate sector too. Inflation is the main ingredient of economic crisis and downfall of a country. When prices become unaffordable for the buyers then downfall is a must condition which will eventually ruin real estate sector too.

  • Interest Rate:

Due to high inflation in the country the rates of interest are also rising causing the prices of real estate properties to skyrocket. Lands and houses are becoming unaffordable and people tend to save more than spending. The low purchasing power of the citizens is refraining buyers from investing in real estate properties because they have to pay the high interest rate.

  • Political factor:

The instability of the government are continuously creating hurdle in the development of the country. When government changes they tend to change all the policies that were followed which is the major cause of economic instability. New procedure tends to possess difficulties thus again preventing investment in real estate sector.

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