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Why Investors are looking towards Real Estate in Pakistan

rrrealestateIt is very well known that there are some properties that never depreciate. Land is among those properties which never drops its value rather its worth in terms of money and demand always increases. The growth of economy and other economical factor such as inflation usually does not have any effect on real estate properties.



Investment opportunities:

Most people look for the options where they can invest their money safely and from where they can get higher profit. Almost every business has risk factor, high or low, none of the business is free from this fact. But, real estate is the only business where an investor can put his money regardless of the risk of losing money. It is also evident that with the passage of time the value of real estate properties such as land and house increases and becomes mor e worthy. What that cost you Rs.100000 today will tomorrow give you a benefit of Rs.1000000.

Industry slump in Pakistan:

In the past years it has been evident that Pakistan is facing industry crisis which is a major cause of overseas investors to revert back. The deficiency of power and lack of quality raw material is a major reason. This fact is making real estate more attractive for the investors to invest their money in because real estate investment is free from all these risk factors.

Business Example of Real Estate:

All over the Pakistan there are plenty of successful stories of real estate investment. Some of the famous and popular successful buildings are Metro, Hyper-star, Dolmen city mall, etc. These are some of the major projects done by different real state constructors. On the other hand if we see real estate major projects are a powerful source of bringing in employment and business in the country. Thus, proving to be a very effective tool in boosting up country’s economy on huge scale.

Housing Schemes:

Housing schemes are said to be even more revenue generating. First way of earning revenue is to buy a land and sale it with a profit margin on it or build a house on it and then sale it. Other way is to keep the land for some time and then sale it for high margin of profit.

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