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Future of Real Estate in Pakistan

common-buildingfccThe financial crisis that occurred in 2008 almost affected all the countries of the world. Many countries such as Dubai tolerated the huge loss and fall of economy overall. Despite of the fact, Pakistan was still prevented from this financial crisis because being a developing country the economy sector of Pakistan was not depended largely on the real estate in 2008. Another reason according to the experts was that the property prices in Pakistan were stagnant at the time of global financial crisis hit.

Nevertheless, the real estate industry of Pakistan is in flourishing state currently. The prices of property are rising high immediately and are still expected to rise immensely in nearly time. But still the question arises is that what will be the future of Real estate in Pakistan and what affects will it have on the country.

Impact of Infrastructure:

Due to short supply of gas and electricity the investors and constructors are becoming doubtful for investing in construction of new projects. This results in construction investment reduction from 28% to 4% in the year 2009. But there are optimistic investors also who are hoping that these issues will resolve soon as government is working vigilantly on these problems and eventually there will be a hike in property prices.

Impact of Law and Order Situation:

Another positive step of Pakistan’s government is that they are working on taking such measures that will eradicate the terrorism and violence from the country soon. This can be anticipated that the improvement in law and order situation will make the country investment friendly and will attract new investors which will be a gain in country’s GDP.

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