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Gwadar will give better standard of living


According to the legend Alexender and its forces makes a gateway at Makran and was named as the “Mahi Khoran” by him which means ‘fish eater’ the name is actually involved in Markan itself. In most part of the Gwadar the fishing is most common and it is also the way of trade to live their lively hood. In the last 2 years, the people of Markan bring the business as the exporter to national and international market. According to the estimation, there are about 3000 to 4000 fishing vessels that are performing their duty in Gwadar. There are 5 to 10 people in each vessel.

Government has also banned some of the fish species which are under danger according to the Baluchistan Fisheries Ordinance 1971, In the present decades the rules has been followed and there is the control in endanger fish species.

Mostly fisher sells their fishes to the bigger businessmen to sell in bulk according to the demand of the market. Even the fish are sold not only each city of the country but also it has been exported to many countries and sold in their market. The amount which the fishermen receive from the businessmen is also limited that causes no control on poverty.

It was promised that the poverty ratio of Gwadar will be decreased after the complete establishment of the city of Gwadar and once the mega project will be completed and becomes operational. If you go to the history of Dubai it was also one of the place of fishing before establishment and now it becomes the city where people visits from all over the world.

The local of Gwadar are hoping for the better for the better standard of living which can be made possible once the project of Gwadar will be completed. The Government of Pakistan is also focusing to facility people to fulfill their necessary needs which includes training center, education and hospitals for the better future of city.

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